Titane Engineering


Titane Engineering


We recruit real Titans that we identify and support on behalf of our clients.

Their talents and potential are such that we like to think of them as having true titanic powers.

Titanic Powers

  • Exceptionally intelligent

    yes, we recruit engineers, PhDs, technicians!

  • Ability to adapt

    to any environment, mentally and physically

  • Visionary and perceptive

    but with a touch of whimsy

  • Expert in using all kinds of means

    to communicate and defend a vision

  • Virtually immortal

    you stick in people's minds

  • Ambitious

    you are able to dominate the world of engineering

Titane Engineering


It's where titans and engineering meet.

We recruit engineers with titanic powers in all sectors of activity.

You think we are a bit megalomaniacal, a bit crazy maybe?

That's because we believe in your talents and powers, and we'll find the company where you will flourish.

that make

Titane Engineering

of Engineering

It is both our job and our passion.

Thanks to more than 10 years' experience in the business and the scale of our operations, our Titans work in all sectors and, based on their experience, at various levels.

Business sectors

  • Energy

  • Aeronautics

  • Space

  • Automobile

  • Industry

  • Naval


TitanE arose from the following observation:

Over the last 10 years, a number of consultancies have focused on profitability to the detriment of their employees’ well-being. The 2008 crisis accentuated this trend and consequently consultancies lost ground, lost their brand image, and “discounted” engineering to the detriment of their consultants (lower salaries, compulsory mobility, etc.). This has led to the entire profession becoming dehumanized together with a loss of credibility among clients and employees, who are nevertheless ALL passionate about new technologies.


They have therefore forgotten their main asset: their human capital. With 10 years’ experience in the business, the hundreds of engineers we have met (consultants and clients) and the thousands of kilometers we have travelled throughout Europe (and also in several other countries worldwide) have brought us to a second observation: the loss of the original business of consultancy companies – engineering.


In view of this, we decided to create TitanE. A dynamic work atmosphere that includes the notion of well-being at work, with selected projects from among technically enthusiastic clients. It is able to deliver employees interesting projects which will satisfy their need for creativity.

Our values

We offer a universe that is right for you

Thanks to our national presence, our knowledge of all the engineering sectors and our large portfolio of clients, we will be able to find the universe that best suits your titanic powers.

We don't forget the human being in the Titan

We want to create the ideal working conditions for our Titans and ensure that our clients give them a day-to-day space in which they can flourish.

Support, advice & cheerleading

Our goal is to give you long-term support with open-ended contracts covering complex and ambitious projects that suit you. We therefore support you, advise you and even act as cheerleaders to help you become true engineering Titans.

We're different

Humorous, fun, relaxed but hard-working, a little crazy, passionate, dedicated... the list is long when it comes to describing us.

We like to surround ourselves with different personalities from all generations and origins. At TitanE, the strength of a Titan lies in diversity and in accepting others.


A great many onshore career opportunities

The diversity of the sectors in which TITANE operates and the extent of our geographical coverage allow us to offer you numerous opportunities for development, managerial and technical responsibilities and mobility – all in line with your career ambitions. Our uniqueness lies in our ability to be actively involved in the entire life cycle of a project. The group’s strategy is based on a constant balance in terms of business offers, industrial sectors and geographical location of our large international group clients.